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Tech talk: Diversity and LGBTQI inclusion in the tech world - 22 May 2023

Join LGBTQ activist Alexandra Kafka Larsson as she explores LGBTQI inclusion in the tech world, sharing her experiences as a transgender lesbian woman and highlighting the importance of representation, communication, and leadership in fostering workplace inclusion.

LGBTQI inclusion can be seen as challenging in both the military and in the tech world. Alexandra will share her experiences as a transgender lesbian woman and how these different aspects of the LGBTQI letters matter when working with inclusion in the workplace, and how representation, communication, and leadership shape and interact with each other. Alexandra will explore how norms shape values, behavior, well-being, and performance in the military and the tech industry and dissect how they influence how we run businesses, hire talent, and create and sell products and services.

Alexandra Kafka Larsson has a multifaceted background as a military intelligence officer, political scientist, chief architect, LGBTQI activist, and is now the founder of the SaaS tech-startup Parsd. Parsd helps analysts create fact-based insights from unstructured information like text, sound, and video.

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