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Coding mini-bootcamp: Learn Python fundamentals in 10 hours - 17 to 21 Apr 2023

The SSE Tech Initiative hosted an exclusive mini-bootcamp where students could learn to code with machine learning algorithms. It consisted of five 2-hour workshops in one week. No prior experience was required!

During this mini-bootcamp, students got the basics of Python, the world’s fastest growing programming language. Plus, they learned how to use it to solve real-world business cases using machine learning. 

The workshop series was about learning to how code in a hands-on, business-focused, and outcome-oriented way.

Structure of mini-bootcamp:

  • Day 1: The fundamental programming concepts that are applicable to any programming language. Get comfortable with the intuitive Python syntax.
  • Day 2: Learn the basics of how to analyze data in Python.
  • Day 3: Moving on to data visualization and intermediate data analytics in Python.
  • Day 4: Machine learning case: Predicating sales prices
  • Day 5: Machine learning case: How to prevent churning customers

The mini-bootcamp was delivered by Nod Coding, a Stockholm-based programming bootcamp provider.

SSE grade transcript: Every student who successfully completed the program received “Completed Introduction to Python” in their degree certificate under Formal Extracurricular Activities. Attendance was compulsory.

The Tech Initiative is brought to you by SSE’s House of Innovation.

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