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Tech talk: Behind the hype of ChatGPT and generative AI - Sep 12 2023

We hosted a tech talk with Ludvig Strand, Emerging Tech & AI Future Analyst for the Axel Johnson Group, where he revealed the newest insights on generative AI discussed in leading board and management rooms.
Ludvig delved into the mechanics behind ChatGPT and generative AI, demystifying their buzz and highlighting their transformational potential. The conversation covered:
  • Why ChatGPT is more than just a chatbot and how it's transforming businesses across sectors.
  • The revolutionary aspects of generative AI that set it apart from traditional AI approaches.
  • Concrete uses and real-world applications built on top of ChatGPT.

Ludvig Strand is an SSE alumn and works as the Emerging Tech & AI Future Analyst at the Axel Johnson Group. In this capacity, he explores the rapidly changing world of emerging tech and AI and how it can shape businesses and society at large. He also leads cross-industry forums with IT, digital, and analytics leaders, while regularly guiding management teams as they prepare for the next wave of digital transformation.

The Axel Johnson Group — a leading Swedish family-owned business — is undergoing rapid transformation. In alignment with their 2015 goal that "within a decade, half of their activities should be in new areas," a significant focus has been on AI and data-driven strategies.

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