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Webinar | How to strengthen innovation through rapid commercial experimentation - 22 May 2024

Are you looking to minimize risks while rapidly advancing your product development? Do you want to outpace competitors by swiftly adapting to market changes with less resource waste? This webinar explores how to boost innovation with rapid commercial experimentation and explains the strategy of "fail fast, succeed faster," where minimal spending leads to quick validations of big ideas. Watch the recording now.

Testing the value proposition of commercial innovations before building anything is a highly strategic and efficient approach to innovation. With rapid commercial experimentation, you expose potential users to a product or service proposition before actually developing the product itself. This type of in-market testing allows you to measure behavior, rather than rely on feedback. Do users actually take action to buy or use the product? The goal is to gauge whether the concept addresses a real need, appeals to the target audience, and offers enough value to warrant further investment. 

Rapid commercial experimentation allows companies to "fail fast" with minimal expenditure on unviable ideas and "succeed faster" by focusing efforts on validated concepts. It embodies a customer-centric approach to product development, ensuring that new innovations are not just technologically feasible but are also desired by the market. During this webinar, Claus Berthou Madsen, Telia Company, and Petter Hanberger, The North Alliance Consulting - two Nordic experts in the field of rapid commercial experimentation - will explore how you can use this method for own projects.

The webinar, moderated by Kathrin Reinsberger, Assistant Professor at the House of Innovation, offers a deep dive into a method increasingly popular among global innovators. Find out how to start, why it outperforms traditional market research, and how it can streamline discussions, engage your team, and ensure your investments are focused on concepts with real potential. Understand how to test the market appeal of innovations before full-scale development, saving time and resources.

Watch the recording

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Core components and principles for how to get started with commercial experimentation
  • Why and how experimentation complements - and often trumps - traditional market research methods
  • How experimentation can help short-circuit lengthy, abstract discussions by generating strong data evidence
  • How experimentation creates internal engagement, clarity and momentum in your organisation
  • How experimentation improves cost-efficiency by securing that resources and funding are directed to projects with proven appeal

Claus Berthou Madsen

Head of Telia Prototype at Telia Group Strategy & Commercial

Together with his team, Claus has put forward experiments in all Telia markets and customer segments over the past three years. They have worked on accelerating Telia's approach to innovation and commercial growth and are currently in the process of ingraining market experimentation into the core culture of Telia Company.

Petter Hanberger

Business Innovation Lead at NoA Consulting SE

During the past 12 years, Petter has worked with startups, large corporations, and government organizations to help explore, validate, and launch new products and services. Today, he heads up the business innovation practices at the Nordic agency network NoA (The North Alliance). Commercial experimentation is integral to helping companies drive systematic business innovation. 

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