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Ask me anything about artificial intelligence in business - 23 March 2022

Roberto Verganti, Sebastian Krakowski and Elmira van den Broek, from the House of Innovation of SSE, had a session in which, starting from their studies, they addressed leaders’ questions and curiosity on the new frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in organizations.

You can watch the recording of the session on SSE Play - use this LINK.


House of Innovation presented a special session on AI. The session had no fee, but was limited to 20 selected participants to guarantee dialogue and interaction.

To be selected as a participant - it was needed to register and add a quick profile and two questions that the participants you would like to ask our scholars. The session was on the frontier of AI in organizations, so priority was given to participants whose questions have extended interest and can spur an insightful conversation.




Roberto Verganti is Professor of Leadership and Innovation at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics, where he co-direct The Garden – Center for Design and Leadership. He is also in the Faculty of the Harvard Business School, where he teaches Design Theory and Practice. His research focuses on how organizations can create products and services that people love. One of his recent articles, “Innovation and Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” has been awarded the best paper award by the Journal of Product Innovation Management. In the article he shows how, with the diffusion of artificial intelligence, innovation leaders should shift their focus and skills from problem solving to sense making.

Learn about Roberto’s research on this LINK.



Sebastian Krakowski is an Assistant Professor at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics. His research explores how digitalization and artificial intelligence impact organizational theory and applied strategy. Having previously published on the topic in the Academy of Management Review, his most recent research on Artificial intelligence and the changing sources of competitive advantage is forthcoming in Strategic Management Journal. In the article, he investigates how artificial intelligence changes affect the sources of competitive advantage from a human resource perspective. Using the context of chess tournaments to study performance differences following AI adoption, the study finds that neither humans nor AI in isolation explains the consequent outcomes. Instead, a new decision-making resource emerges at the human-AI intersection, which drives performance but is unrelated to conventional capabilities.

Learn about Sebastian’s research on this LINK.



Elmira van den Broek is an incoming Assistant Professor at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics. Currently, she is finalizing her PhD at the KIN Center of Digital Innovation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research focuses on the role of data-driven technologies in changing work and organizing. She has looked at how organizations develop and use AI tools for knowledge work, and more specifically for hiring, and showed the importance of mutual learning between developers and experts to create insights that are relevant to the organization. 

Learn about Elmira’s research on this LINK.