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Dialogues at The Garden - 15 Dec 2021

As the world pivots, design innovative questions before you design the answers. At our annual event “Dialogues at The Garden”, Roberto Verganti and Mattia Bianchi, SSE professors and directors of The Garden, connected with researchers, corporate, and society leaders in a digital conversation on reframing, one of the most sophisticated and advanced capabilities for our human mind.

This conference took place on December 15th, 2021. 


We are all in the process of restarting, and that’s certainly exciting. Ignited by the systemic problems that our planet faces today and the business opportunities that nestle in them, we feel the urge to propose new solutions.

At the Garden of the House of Innovation, Center for Design and Leadership, we caution against this approach as it risks producing brilliant answers to old questions that are becoming irrelevant or meaningless. We instead believe that business leaders should forge new lenses to make sense of the ongoing shifts in the macro-environment. These shifts are potentially a break from the past rather than an evolution of it: they are deep, paradigmatic, and they silently challenge our unspoken beliefs. They even invite us to rethink our lives, our priorities, and the impact we want to make.

As we restart, we need to reframe. To design new glasses for imagining future scenarios, for envisioning novel strategic directions, for formulating more meaningful questions, for innovating the problems before actually solving them.

Our annual event “Dialogues at the Garden”, was a digital conversation between researchers, corporate, and society leaders on the theme of reframing, one of the most sophisticated and advanced capabilities for our human mind.



Linda Zachrison
Inquiry Chair
Formerly at Ministry of Culture, Swedish Government

Portrait Linda Zachrison. Photocredit: Daniel Schwartz; Portrait Elizabeth Christoforetti. Photocredit: Greg Katsoulis; Portrait Michal Gromek. Photocredit: Plutagraphy, Marcin Pluta; SSE portraits Roberto Verganti, Mattia Bianchi, Riccardo Masiero, Jennie Fahlström. Photocredit: Juliana Wiklund