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Becoming a data-driven organization - 1 June 2021

Society’s rapid adoption of digital technologies, a development amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, implies that organizations across industries are being confronted with fast-changing demands in terms of market structure, consumer needs, and internal capabilities. While data is becoming increasingly abundant and is enthusiastically hailed as “the new oil” in terms of fuelling the new economy, navigating this digital transformation is not straightforward.

During this webinar several crucial questions and challenges arised. What does digitalization imply for my organization’s current positioning? How can we leverage these technologies to drive innovation and remain competitive? And which are the crucial obstacles that we need to overcome to get there?

In this webinar from June 1 2021, Sebastian Krakowski shared knowledge and insights from current research on digitalization and strategy, with a particular focus on how a data-driven approach can promote innovation and competitiveness in organizations and which challenges are likely to present themselves along the way.

This webinar was organized by SSE ExEd.

More information on this LINK.