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Strategic reorientation: looking beyond the crisis - 18 May 2020

The toughest challenge is not to survive the current crisis, but to come out on the other side in good shape. It requires that we think and talk about the future, so that we can act and take initiative. How will customer demand change? What happens to global supply chains? What will technology development bring to the table? These and other questions need to be addressed.

It is hard to know what to expect next. But we can anticipate and prepare for what is to come, by using approaches and methods we already know.

The webinar focuses on the strategic approaches to change. It aims to give you tools and inspiration for starting to look beyond the crisis.

We will start by addressing trends likely to have an impact also after the current crisis, as well as pitfalls in the current debate. We will provide tools for thought on the long-term and the big picture, and have a discussion and knowledge-sharing on the topic. 

This webinar is held in English and is led by Mattias Axelson, Affiliated Researcher at the SSE House of Innovation. 

This webinar is organized jointly by SSE Executive Education and House of Innovation.