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Business in the New Normal - 22 April 2020

As the world is currently in emergency mode, many are already thinking how to do business after the peak of the pandemic has passed. It can be September 2020, or January 2021. We do not know. But two things are clearly emerging: first, the world will look definitely different than before. Second, this transformation will not be temporary. The New Normal will be here to stay.

Even when Covid-19 will be fully defeated, our attitude towards socialization, our openness towards the world, our need for health (and anxiety for new infections), will be radically different, for the bad, but also for the good.

How should organizations re-conceive their products, services, experiences in the New Normal? The start line is getting close. Those who get ready now will start with the right foot. Those who wait will look like dinosaurs from an old era (though that era was just a few months earlier).

In this webinar Roberto Verganti, Professor of Leadership and Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics – House of Innovation, addressed these questions:

  • How to redesign our products and services, and how to create new markets for the New Normal?
  • Which changes in demand can we expect?
  • Which design rules should we apply?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence help?

We discussed how any business leader can help to make the New Normal a world not on the verge of anxiety, but rather a world where safety comes without compromise on meaning, beauty, and freedom.

With a little kick: Roberto joined from Brescia, the Italian city where Covid-19 had its second harshest hit in early March. A city which will provide a unique window to anticipate patterns around the world, and to understand the feelings of global markets that are hard to perceive from the unique vantage point of Sweden.