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How she did it, and how you can be the next entrepreneur success story - 9 May 2019

House of Innovation jointly with SSE Business Lab, SSE Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership and Nätverket 17, arranged a seminar on May 9th, with focus on female entrepreneurs and how they managed to build and scale large businesses.

Have you ever (or never?!) thought about starting your own business? You’ve heard about the tech guys, but have you heard how SSE alumna Monica Lindstedt became one of Sweden’s most successful serial entrepreneurs? Did know that the first female professor at SSE also led the start of the SSE Business Lab? And are you curious how YOU can start your own business and be the next SSE entrepreneur success story?

During the seminar, the audience, consisting primarily of SSE students (a majority female) got to listen to some truly inspiring women sharing their entrepreneurship journey, as well as to Professor Carin Holmqvist, first SSE professor in entrepreneurship. The event was moderated by Anna Kinberg Batra, alumna, Leader in Residence at SSE Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership (CASL) with background in both business and politics.

Speakers at the event: 

  • Carin Holmquist, Professor Emerita, first SSE professor in entrepreneurship
  • Monica Lindstedt, alumna and serial entrepreneur, founder of Hemfrid
  • Maria Mattsson Mähl, serial entrepreneur and founding member of the Network 17 for Female Founders
  • Anna Omstedt, Alumna, CEO and Co-Founder MedUniverse
  • Hellen Wohlin Lidgard, alumna, serial entrepreneur, tech-investor and member of the Network 17 for Female Founders

The speakers shared personal stories and the audience also got an overview of what the research tells us about women in entrepreneurship. Afterwards, there was a mingle where the audience could meet with investors, management and partners of House of Innovation, CASL, SSE Business Lab and Network 17 for Female Founders (Nätverket 17).

This event was co-organized by SSE House of Innovation, SSE Centre for Advanced Studies in Leadership (CASL), SSE Business Lab, and Network 17 for Female Founders (Nätverket 17).