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Higher Seminar in Statecraft and Strategic Communication | Vicky Karyoti

Drones, AI, and Politics: How Technology Impacts the Way We View Society


Abstract: Technological developments have always been an integral part of warfare. Either to solve problems of a military nature or to achieve and maximize military effectiveness by adopting a civilian artifact, warfare has walked a parallel path with technology. Each stage of its development has reflected the available technology at the time, human inventiveness, and the societal context of the respective time period. Indeed, technological developments change not only the conduct of warfare, but society itself. A societal trend of the post-9/11 decades seems to have been distant warfare and the effort to avoid casualties. How have the past two decades faired?


Bio: Dr. Vicky Karyoti is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, currently working on her project on Transatlantic relations in an AI-era. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and a Master's in International Security & Law from the University of Southern Denmark, and a Bachelor's in International & European Studies from the Panteion University in Athens. She researches new and emergent technologies and their societal impact, alliances, security, and ethics.


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