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[Art Talk] Beyond Pixels: Crafting Digital Realities with Deep3Dstudio

Embark on an Art-Tech Odyssey Unveiling the Future of Digital Art!

Join us for an exhilarating exploration into the future of digital art with Deep3Dstudio, a family business and leading 3D character and asset studio based in the brave city of Kyiv, Ukraine! Find out how their state-of-the-art multi-camera scanning system breathes life into humans and props with unparalleled precision. From digital clothing creation and simulation to hard-surface modeling and theatrical dimensions, Deep3Dstudio redefines the landscape of artistic expression. Uncover how their digital expertise extends to industries beyond entertainment, shaping new narratives and possibilities.

Open to all! Join on site or via Zoom. 

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Retail Art Program (RAP)

SSE Art Initiative X Center for Retailing
RAP aims at bridging the worlds of contemporary art with students and faculty in areas of marketing, consumer studies and distribution. Founded on classic Art/Business legacies, from Surrealism via Flux to Pop Art, RAP hybridize artists and business actors for socially responsible retail experiments with high aesthetic ambitions.

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