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Scaling and Combining (Digital) Innovation in Health Care - Webinar 12 Mar 2024

The Center of Resilient Health and the House of Innovation invite you to a webinar on how to scale digital innovation within health care. Please register below.

Innovation from 'outside' or 'from within'? 

The Health Care system is struggling with resource constraints, and delivering care based on the latest evidence and innovations available. There is agreement that digital technology holds great promise in this context, and numerous digital apps, smart devices, and systems enabling new ways of delivering and governing care and managing health are introduced. However, scaling and combining these innovations into a coherent system level solution have proven difficult.

In this webinar, we will discuss what we can learn from the development and scaling of digital innovations driven from ‘within’, by incumbent actors as well as from ‘outside’, by ‘external’, new entrants. We will also identify the most important policy questions to address to facilitate the safe and flexible scaling and combination of innovations from ‘within’ and ‘outside’ of health care in the future. The webinar will last approximately 75 min in total and will be relevant for policy makers, entrepreneurs targeting the health tech sector, incumbents seeking to exploit the accelerating innovation in health tech, academics, and the general public.

We will end with an open Q&A.

Register here for the webinar.



Anna Essén, Associate Professor, House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics

Torkel Strömsten, Professor, Accounting, Stockholm School of Economics


Petra Noreback, Secretary of State, Ministry of Health and Social affairs

Jeanette Tuval, Head of Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital

Maria Bäcklund Hassel, senior advisor, international coordinator, eHealthAgency

Sofia Ernestam, Chief Medical Officer, CMO Capio Specialistkliniker

Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO Doctrin

Andreas Ringman Uggla, General Partner at Serendipity Partners, Healthcare Investor

Andreas Hager, Founder of Genia, Innovation Lawyer


This webinar is hoster together by the Center for Resilient Health and the House of Innovation

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