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Dialogues on Digital 2022 – Collaborating for Societal Transformation

Welcome to the 2022 Digitalidag Event at the House of Innovation. For the fifth year, the House of Innovation explored our digital future(s) together with our collaborators and partners. The focus of this year's flagship event was on collaborating for societal transformation.

As digital technologies continue to become more advanced, our increasing maturity in working with these technologies allows us to push new boundaries. We increasingly take on more complex challenges and “wicked” problems, which in turn requires more elaborate partnering in order to garner the combined capabilities, resources and momentum needed to make transformation happen.

Thus, a viable digital future is not only a matter of our individual abilities to use digital tools, but also increasingly about aligning, combining, and leveraging the joint efforts of actors across societal sectors. In many industries, this development becomes visible through emerging ecosystems (such as in transportation and mobility), new global digital resources that can be harnessed to accelerate innovation (such as in life sciences), and in boundary-spanning digital solution that help improve organizational and societal resilience and sustainability (such as in global supply chain management).

In order to accelerate this type of advanced partnering for transformation, we need to find more creative, reliable and effective ways to work together. Welcome to Dialogues on Digital, the 2022 national Digitalidag flagship event at the House of Innovation!


12.15                  Registration and coffee (for the on site participants)

12.45                  Start on stage – Introduction and welcoming

13.00-14.00     Module 1 - Sustainability and smart supply chains in the digital era

The importance of managing global supply chains has been brought to the fore with the multitude of shocks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the current geopolitical changes, and the urgency in reducing greenhouse gases. The module will be addressing two interrelated themes on global supply chains – digitalization and sustainability. Keynote speaker is Nada Sanders, Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Northeastern University. She is an internationally recognized thought leader and expert in supply chain management. Insights from current research at SSE will also be shared, followed by a panel discussion on how far and quickly we can go in transforming global supply chains.

14.00                  Coffee break and networking

14.20-15.20     Module 2 - Innovation in transforming industrial ecosystems: Shaping the need for new forms of collaboration

New kinds of innovation partnerships are needed to create truly novel solutions and address major societal challenges. But how do you form new partnerships and foster strong relationships when technologies and outcomes are uncertain? What competences are required to identify those partners and make partnerships work? Moreover, in what ways have needs and expectations for interorganizational partnerships changed recently? In this module, we will involve experts from different backgrounds to discuss these questions, drawing on concrete examples from different settings such as life sciences, transport & mobility, and energy.

15.20                  Coffee break and networking

15.45-16.45     Module 3 - Creativity and Artificial Intelligence

This module addresses how artificial intelligence (AI) shapes creativity and innovation in the workplace. On the one hand, these technologies might expand the space of creativity in innovation by making more solutions available. However, they may also compress the space of creativity by reinforcing path dependencies and locking people into patterns. In this module, we invite three speakers to present and debate diverse perspectives on the implications of AI for creativity.  

17.05                  Mingle and networking

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