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Design meets business - creating a new kind of leadership - 29 Sept 2020

Join us for a conversation between Michael Treschow and SSE professor Mattia Bianchi, about the role that design has in shaping today’s businesses, its great potential in innovation, creativity and problem solving, its impact in forging new leadership models, and the need to support upcoming design thinkers through the Michael Treschow Scholarship.

The fundamental challenges that the world is facing today require a radical transformation of the way businesses practice innovation and leadership. Design Thinking is gaining relevance in organizations as a successful approach to solve business problems and to find new strategic directions in a creative way.

The aim of this online seminar is to increase our understanding of the role that design mindsets, principles and tools can have in creating innovative products and services, as well as in shaping the next generation of business leaders. We will also explore how design helps organizations find their purpose and contribute to a more meaningful and sustainable future.

Finally, we will discuss how the Michael Treschow Scholarship supports each year the personal and professional development of a talented design thinker in the making, by fostering the integration of design, leadership and innovation.

The goal of the Michael Treschow Scholarship is to support talented design students who intend to use design principles and practices to improve organizations and/or businesses, and to enhance their contribution to the economy, society and human lives. These contributions can be in several different fields, such as industry, society and social issues at large.

The scholarship has been awarded 15 times to brilliant designers and is currently coordinated at the SSE House of Innovation and under The Garden – Center for Design and Leadership.  

This online seminar is organized in collaboration with Michael and Adele Treschow, and part of the outreach program of the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Center for Innovative and Sustainable Business Development, and the Scania Center of Innovation and Operational Excellence, at the SSE House of Innovation.


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