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The future of the higher educational textbook - 9 Feb 2023

In this industry and society webinar our discussants from the industry and academia explored the future of the higher educational textbook.

Gauthier Van Malderen, founder and CEO of Perlego, discussed the future of the higher educational textbook in terms of accessibility, affordability and sustainability for students together with Pär Mårtensson, Associate Professor and Head of Pedagogy and Faculty development, and Erik Wikberg, Executive Director of House of Innovation.

Perlego is a London-based startup company offering digital subscriptions to over 1 000 000 textbooks in everything from art to zoology. It is often referred to as ‘the Spotify for textbooks’. The company has over 400 000 paying subscribers and has partnered with 5 000 education publishers. It has raised $75 million to date to expand internationally.


Gauthier Van Malderen

Founder & CEO - Perlego

Gauthier Van Malderen is the founder and CEO of Perlego. The company is the winner of 26 awards including Europas Best EdTech, Virgin Voom and the KPMG pioneer award. He is a graduate of Università Bocconi and Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.


Erik Wikberg

Executive Director - House of Innovation

Erik Wikberg is the Executive Director of House of Innovation and holds a PhD from Stockholm School of Economics. His research is focused on cultural production, primarily in the publishing industry. He is also the Chairman in the Expert Review Committee for non-fiction literature at the Swedish Arts Council.

Pär Mårtensson

Associate Professor - House of Innovation

Pär Mårtensson is an Associate Professor at the House of Innovation and Head of Pedagogy and Faculty Development at SSE. He is also a faculty member of the International Teachers Program (ITP) and the Chair of the board of the International Schools of Business Management (ISBM).

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