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Thriving on Change: How to use external impact factors for business success - 29 May 2023

We offered a practitioner-oriented lunch seminar with this year's winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, Per Davidsson.


Academics and practitioners often only evaluate a business's success by looking at the qualities of the people and ventures involved. However, people and ventures do not operate in a vacuum – climate change and its call for sustainable transition, the digital technology revolution, and crises like the Covid-19 pandemic or the global financial crisis demonstrate the enormous impact environmental factors have on business.

Davidsson’s External Enablement Framework is an attempt to develop better tools for seeing and using the potentials for entrepreneurial action and success offered by changes to the business environment. During this practitioner-oriented seminar, the participants learned how external impact factors can be applied to make a business more successful.

Per Davidsson is one of the leading pioneers in the academic field of entrepreneurship research, and is the recipient of the 2023 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research. He has led major research programs and centers, published some of the most influential research papers, chaired the field’s foremost professional association, and served as Editor for several of its leading journals. Per took his BA, MSc and PhD degrees at the Stockholm School of Economics and is currently Professor of entrepreneurship at Jönköping International Business School and at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at QUT, Australia.

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