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The future of food: What will we eat in 50 years? - 21 May 2024

We explored the evolving landscape of the food industry and its potential to reshape our world. Student pitches, panel discussions, and a food fair presented new ideas, allowed us to engage with industry experts, and gave us a taste of what the future holds.

What will you eat in 50 years? Imagining the future of food is both challenging and exhilarating: the transformation of the global food system is one of the great developments that promises to define our lives. A new paradigm is emerging, shifting away from an almost singular focus on production efficiency towards a rising focus on the effects of food on people and the planet. While the negative externalities of food have become as large as the value of the sector itself and have grown too large not to be addressed, we have been undervaluing food as a tool for achieving strategic goals such as increased productivity, social cohesion, and building attractive and well-functioning urban habitats.

On May 21, we took a deep dive into the future of the food industry. The event began with our bachelor students pitching their innovative food businesses to an audience of investors in a true Dragons’ Den style. We then moved on to an exciting conversation with industry experts about the future of food, new forms of financing, and the role of entrepreneurs. At lunchtime, attendees were able to get a taste of the future at the food fair in the Atrium.

The event was organized by the House of Innovation and the Tech Initiative at the Stockholm School of Economics in collaboration with Sweden FoodTech.


08:15 - 10:15 - Dragon's Den: students pitch their innovative food businesses

10:30 - 11:30 - conversation with industry experts around the future of food, new forms of financing and the role of entrepreneurs

Welcome: Valentina Tartari, Professor at the House of Innovation
Innovation for sustainable enjoyment: Paul Svensson in conversation with Johan Jorgensen (Sweden Foodtech)
The journey of large companies between tradition and innovation: Giancarlo Parolini & Claudio Constantini (Zonin 1821), Mats Liedholm (Fazer), moderated by Stefan Haeflinger
Entrepreneurs and industry transformation: Cristoffer Harlos (Veat), Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren (Karma), Desiree  Lundberg (Naima), Carolin Solskär (Nuverica) moderated by Valentina Tartari (House of Innovation)
Investing in the future of food: Fanny Nachemson (Foodbridge) and Edward Arthy (Re:food), moderated by Mattias Nordqvist (House of Innovation)
Prize ceremony for the winner of the Dragons’ Den

11:30 - 13:00 - food fair

Feel free to join any part of the event that interests you and attend the sessions that appeal to you most.

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