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Collaborative Innovation Workshop with the HITS Off-peak Delivery Project - 20 Sept 2022

Together with collaborating partners in the HITS off-peak project we explored principles and practices of collaborative innovation and ecosystem formation.

House of Innovation researchers Eric Liu, Anna Essén and Magnus Mähring successfully organized a collaborative innovation workshop with the HITS Off-peak delivery project of Scania on 20th Sep.

The HITS off-peak project aims to understand and create conditions for a sustainable transport system in the city. Together with partners in the HITS off-peak project, including the city of Stockholm, goods suppliers, real-estate owners, logistics firms, and transporters, we explored principles and practices of collaborative innovation and ecosystem formation. 

The workshop started with an exercise where all the participants ‘took on someone else’s hat’. Imagining being in another stakeholder’s shoes, the participants empathized with each other’s gains and pain points in the future off-peak scenario, and developed the first step towards understanding their multilateral interdependence over the value creation and distribution process in innovation ecosystem. The workshop ended up with a promising set of ideas and action points that fuels a sustainable commitment from participants to the upcoming field experiment collaboration in Stockholm.

The House of Innovation will continue engaging with HITS team to support the digital transformation journey of Scania.

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