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Outreach events

Learn more about our institution's outreach initiatives and our commitment to applied research and education in governance and public policy. Explore our range of events designed to facilitate the exchange of expertise between academia and the wider community, fostering a practical understanding of our research endeavors and their application in real-world contexts.

1. Policy Dialogue Webinar
An online discussion platform, the Policy Dialogue Webinar facilitates knowledge exchange on pertinent public policy issues. With a participant mix comprising academics and practitioners, this event provides a space for insightful conversations and collaborative exploration, allowing people to join in from anywhere.

2. Breakfast Seminar
The Breakfast Seminar offers a concise morning session delving into timely policy topics. Attendees engage in intellectual discussions in a relaxed setting before heading off to start their days.

3. Policy Lab
A by-invitation-only roundtable, the Policy Lab provides an intimate setting for in-depth discussions. Moderated by faculty in an intimate setting, professionals share insights, fostering connections and contributing to ongoing discourse on pressing policy matters.

5. Policy Summit (20-100 participants)
The Policy Summit is a concentrated gathering of up to 100 individuals, featuring a blend of academics and practitioners. This event serves as a focused platform for in-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing on critical policy issues, inviting academics and practicioners to meet.

6. Policy Conference (100-300 participants)
The Policy Conferene is a larger-scale event accommodating up to 300 participants. It serves as a comprehensive platform for extensive discussions, knowledge dissemination, and networking, addressing a wide spectrum of policy challenges.