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I am interested in power relations on the labor market. My dissertation is situated in the cross-disciplinary fields of political economy and industrial relations, and draws on organization studies, political science, sociology, and economics.

More specifically, I focus on the institutional and organizational factors that shape and are shaped by labor market actors. I do qualitative research to explain how and why trade unions, employer associations and the state collectively address wage bargaining, inflation, inequality, competitiveness, automation, and migration.

Related interest include lobbying/advocacy, think tanks, and labor market effects of artificial intelligence and algorithmic management.

My PhD studies are carried out as part of my job at the think tank Arena Idé, where I am chief analyst.

I have presented my research on numerous academic conferences, such as EGOS, AOM, SASE, ILERA, WINIR, and ESPAnet.

I attended Stanford University's 2022 week-long SCANCOR PhD Workshop at Aalto University.

I spent spring term 2023 as Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University's Center for Labor and a Just Economy (CLJE).

Preliminary date for dissertation defense: February 2024.