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Chair and organizor:
Paolo Aversa 

Panelist: Martin Kilduff (UCL School of Management)

Sport: NFL (American football)

Topic: Reputation, social networks, uncertainty, and career outcomes.

Kilduff, M., Crossland, C., Tsai, W., & Bowers, M. 2015. Magnification and correction of the acolyte effect: Initial benefits and ex post settling up in NFL coaching careers. Academy of Management Journal, forthcoming.


Panelist: Thomas Moliterno (UMass Amherst)

Sport: Bundesliga (German soccer league)

Topic: Performance feedback, aspirations, and organizational change.

Moliterno, T. P., Beck, N., Beckman, C. M., & Meyer, M. 2014. Knowing your place: Social performance feedback in good times and bad times. Organization Science, 25(6): 1684-1702.


Panelist: Matthew Bothner (ESMT European School of Management and Technology)

Sport: NASCAR (stock car racing)

Topic: Tournament competitive behavior and risk taking.

Paper: Bothner, M. S., Kang, J.-h., & Stuart, T. E. 2007. Competitive crowding and risk taking in a tournament: Evidence from NASCAR racing. Administrative Science Quarterly, 52(2): 208-247.


Panelists: Rick Cotton (University of Victoria) and Yan Shen(University of Victoria) and Reut Livne-Tarandach (University of Oregon)

Sport: MLB (baseball)

Topic: Career success and developmental networks.

Paper: Cotton, R. D., Shen, Y., & Livne-Tarandach, R. 2011. On becoming extraordinary: The content and structure of the developmental networks of Major League Baseball Hall of Famers. Academy of Management Journal, 54(1): 15-46.


Panelists: Fabrizio Castellucci (Bocconi University)

Sport: NBA (basketball)

Topic: Reputation and status.

Ertug, G. & Castellucci, F. 2013. Getting what you need: How reputation and status affect team performance, hiring, and salaries in the NBA. Academy of Management Journal, 56(2): 407-431.


Panelists: Jan-Michael Ross and Dmitry Sharapov (Imperial College Business School)

Sport: America‚Äôs Cup World Series (sailing)

Topic: Imitation, environmental uncertainty, and performance.

Paper: Ross, J. & Sharapov, D. 2015. When the leader follows: Avoiding dethronement through imitation. Academy of Management Journal, 58(3): 658-679.


Panelists: Paolo Aversa (Cass Business School, City University London)

Sport: Formula 1 (prototype car racing)

Topic: Exploration, environmental change, and performance.

Paper: Marino, A., Aversa, P., Mesquita, L., & Anand, J. 2014. Driving performance via exploration in changing environments. Evidence from the Formula One racing industry. Organization Science, 26(4): 1079-1100.