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The seminar series on civil society and its organizations

The purpose of the cross disciplinary seminar series is to provide a meeting point and a discussion platform where research on (broadly defined) civil society and its organizational dimensions can be presented and discussed. Interest in civil society is growing among social scientists, and our ambition has been to create a forum for both dissemination of research and exchange of ideas, where scholars from different disciplines and universities can “talk civil society” with like-minded colleagues.

The seminar takes place two or three times each semester, and is based on different types of texts and presentations such as: papers-in-progress, new publications or planned/on-going research projects.

2015-05-26: Philippe Eynaud IAE de Paris Frankrike och Kari Steen-Johnsen Institutt for samfunnsforskning Oslo Norge ” Civil Society, The Third Sector, Social Enterprise: Governance and Democracy” 

2015-04-16: Apostolis Papakostas, Södertörns högskola ” De sociala mekanismerna bakom det medlemslösa civilsamhällets organisationer i Polen, Ryssland och Sverige”  

2014-12-11: Angela Eikenberry, University of Nebraska Omaha USA “Trends in Philanthropy: Collaboration vs. Marketization” 

2014-10-27: Noomi Weinryb, Uppsala Universitet ” Comparing philanthropists to other funders within and across societies - a study of human embryonic stem cell research funders”  

2014-05-22: Erik Sjöstrand Handelshögskolan i Stockholm ”Om processerna för fördelning av statsbidrag, samt statsbidragets roll i styrningen av studieförbunden”  

2014-03-25: Roseanne Mirabella, professor vid Steton Hall University "Isn't there an app for that? A case for developing NME education programs that move beyond 'solutionism'” 

2014-01-24: Michele Micheletti, Stockholms universitet ”Political Consumerism: Global Responsibility in Action” 

2013-11-21: Niklas Egels-Zandén från Göteborgs universitet ”Transnationellt samarbete kring fackliga rättigheter” 

2013-09-13: Andrea Walter Münster University (Germany) ”Between Co-Producing, Policy-Making and Lobbying: How German Civil Society Organizations understand their Role in Local Level Politics – Self-Conceptions and Strategies of Interaction”  

2013-05-29: Roberto Scaramuzzino Lunds Universitet och Magnus Wennerhag, Göteborgs Universitet och Södertörns högskola ” Europeisering av det svenska civilsamhället – en enkätstudie”  

2013-04-09: Erik Lundberg, Örebro Universitet “An Archetype of Governance Network? The Position and Role of the Swedish Commission Process”  

2013-02-30: Håkon Lorentzen, Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn & frivillig sektor Oslo Norge ” Civilt engagemang, filantropi och stiftelser i de moderna samhället” 

2012-12-10: Kerstin Jacobsson, Södertörns högskola “Fragmentation of the Collective Action Space: The Animal Rights Movement in Poland” 

2012-10-05: Steven Rathgeb Smith, Georgetown University Washington USA “Civil society and hybridization”


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