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Sustainability on the Agenda in Almedalen

Today, Almedalsveckan has kicked off and the transformation towards a sustainable society is a topic that will be frequently debated during this year's edition of the event. Several of our researchers is going to take part in various events.

With a new law, the EU may immediately have cut 11,000 tonnes of electronic waste and saved consumers 250 million euros in unnecessary purchases of charging cables. Politics CAN create structural change. So how should laws and legislations be changed for a more sustainable society and what changes should take place?

Our Associate Researcher Sophie Nachemson-Ekwall is taking part in the seminar "What laws and regulations can we change here and now for a more sustainable society?" on Wednesday, July 6th.

Another of our biggest challenges when it comes to resources is effective collaboration between different sectors to solve our common societal problems. PhD Tommy Borglund will debate the subject in "This is how business, foundations and philanthropists can contribute to social investment" on July 5th.

The transition to a sustainable society is becoming increasingly important and affects more and more people. Sustainability-related issues are reaching higher on the strategic agenda for more organizations. How can individual companies contribute to and accelerate the transition, but still consider the interests of stakeholders? Join our Associate Researcher Sophie Nachemson-Ekwall for the seminar "Are companies made "future-proof" through sustainability on the agenda?" on July 5th.

See the full program at Almedalen here