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Transitioning to the next generation food system: Digitalization and innovation ecosystems in the agri-food sector.

Maria Bustamante’s PhD project is financed by Johan & Jakob Söderbergs Stiftelse and explores how both incumbent firms and start-ups in Sweden are using digital technologies to innovate food production. Digital technologies are supporting the development of alternative forms of agriculture including vertical farming, precision farming, digital or smart farming, among others. The overall purpose of the project is to understand the challenges that actors face as they seek to implement their strategies within a broader agricultural system. More specifically, it seeks to build an understanding of the obstacles firms are facing due specifically to the implementation of digital solutions, and to conceptualize strategies for facing these challenges when building innovation ecosystems and developing path-breaking innovations. The project employs a case study methodology and will be reported through a series of articles based on the case studies.

For further information, please contact Maria.Bustamante@phdstudent.hhs.se