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Thesis Proposal - Mara Balasa

30 May 2024
A thesis proposal presentation by doctoral student Mara Balasa.

Introducing "Rhetorics: The Art of Persuasion"

26 April 2024
Watch our new video introducing "Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion" - a new course for masters and CIVICA students to learn the history of rhetorics and the intricacies of persuasiveness.

Upcoming events during spring 2024

23 February 2024
This spring we are happy to host several interesting speakers at our events at SSE.

AJI at the Munich Security Conference

23 February 2024
The Ax:son Johnson Institute for Statecraft and Diplomacy is honored to have hosted a side event during the 60th Munich Security Conference.

Swedish business as a social movement?

19 January 2024
New article by Rikard Westerberg looks at the mobilisation of the masses against wage-earner funds, 1975–1991

Exploring 'Classics of Applied History' and 'The Monkey and the Money' at Book Launch

07 December 2023
An exploration of historical narratives and economic evolution, the recent double book launch of the Classics of Applied History and The Monkey and The Money was hosted by CSSC.

Three Postdoc Fellowships in History, Statecraft, & Strategic Communication

01 December 2023
Come join us at the Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication

Sweden's Path to NATO: A Lecture with Chief Negotiator Oscar Stenström

30 November 2023
A much appreciated behind-the-scenes talk on how the historic shift in Sweden’s security policy came about after the fast deterioration of our security environment following the invasion of Ukraine.

Publication updates from Dr. Klas A.M. Eriksson

28 November 2023
Thrilled to share the latest publications and media highlights from our esteemed postdoc fellow, Dr. Klas A. M. Eriksson.

Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication hosts International Intelligence Conference

23 November 2023
Matthew Hefler organized The Intelligence and Security Seminar on “Intelligence, Communication and Contemporary Conflict”
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