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Seminar Series

The Center for Educational Leadership and Excellence holds regular academic seminars where invited guests presents scholarly work, as well as internal brown-bag seminars where staff members discuss work in progress. All seminars are held in our premises at floor 7, Saltmätargatan 13-17, and simultaneously online via zoom.

Upcoming Seminars

Marie Wiberg (Umeå University): "The relationship between socioeconomic status and Swedish students’ achievement" Tuesday May 17th, 12-13:30, B706

Lydia Kwak (Karolinska Institutet): "Intervening and implementing changes in school’s work environment: Promoting occupational health, well-being and teacher retention" Friday October 18th, 12-13:30, B706

Sofia Frankenberg (Stockholm University): TBA Friday Ocotber 25th, 12-13:30, B706


Past seminars 2023

Timur Uman (Jönköping University): “Managerial discretion of superintendents of Swedish schools: The institutional logics perspective” Friday March 22nd, 12-13:30, B706

Linda Evans (University of Manchester): "Is educational leadership (still) worth studying, or is it a myth that we have reified?" Friday March 15th, 12-13:30, B706

Jennifer Nelson (University of Illinois): ”Enacting occupational values in peripheral spaces: Teachers’ work in the hallways” Tuesday March 12th, 12-13:30, B706

Per Engzell (University College London): "Within-School Achievement Sorting in Comprehensive and Tracked Systems" Friday November 24th, 12-13:30, B706.

Anders Jönsson (Högskolan Kristianstad): "Going gradeless" Friday November 17th, 12-13:30, B706. 

Dong Nguyen (Durham University): “Leadership for teacher retention: what approaches and mechanisms? – Drawing from the contemporary, international evidence base” Friday October 27th, 12-13:30, B706.

Gabriella Kindström (Uppsala University): "Neighborhood Transformation: The Impact of School Closures on Local Communities" Friday October 13th, 12-13:30, B706.

Fredrik Zimmerman (University of Borås): "Why do boys fail in school, and what can we do about it" Friday October 20th, 12-13:30, B706.

Bengt Jacobsson (Södertörn University College) and Olivier Borraz (Sciences Po, Paris): “Public Governance during the Covid pandemic in Sweden and France” Friday April 14th, 12.00-13.30, B706.

Marius Busemeyer (University of Konstanz): “The consequences of digitalization for education systems and the welfare state: What is the citizens’ view?” Friday March 31st, 12.00-13.30, B706.

Lene Foss (Jönköping University): "Responsible Leadership in times of Wicked Problems: School leaders’ narratives” Friday March 24th, 12.00-13.30, Johan (B415).

Karin Edmark (Stockholm University): “Long-run effects changes in the local supply of academic upper secondary education in Sweden, 1975-1986”. Friday February 3rd, 12.00-13.30.

Angelo Kostis (Umeå University): “Bouncing back or bouncing forward? Digital resilience and emerging infrastructural relations”. Tuesday January 17th, 12.00-13.30.


Past seminars 2022

Jan Löwstedt (Stockholm University): “Skolledning som undervisningens metapraktik (School Management as meta-practices of teaching practices in Swedish Schools)” – n.b. talk in Swedish. Wednseday December 9th, 12.00-13.30.

Una Tellhed (Lund University): “Gender and technology: Social psychological perspectives on women’s underrepresentation in the tech sector”. Friday November 25th, 12.00-13.30.

Andreas Ryve & Jannika Lindvall (Mälardalen University): “Reforming mathematics instruction at scale- What does it take to make a difference?”. Friday November 18th, 12.00-13.30.

Bengt Jacobsson (Söderturn University): “Organiseringen av staten. Reformer och styrning inom skolan” (In Swedish). Friday June 3rd, 13.15-14.45.

Philipp Lergetporer (TUM School of Management) et al.: “Behavioral Barriers and the Socioeconomic Gap in Child Care Enrollment”. Friday May 20th 12.00-13.00.

Magnus Henrekson & Johan Wennström (Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN): “Dumbing Down: The Crisis of Quality and Equity in a Once-Great School System—and How to Reverse the Trend”. Friday April 1st, 12.00-13.30.

Iman Dadgar (Institute for Social Research, SOFI, Stockholm University): “Schools Autonomy, Students grade-rank, and Educational Achievement in Sweden”. Friday February 25th, 12.00-13.30.

Mats Alvesson (Lund University): “Check Check Check: Skolinspektionen och granskandets vedermödor” (in Swedish). Tuesday January 18th, 13.00-14.30.


Past seminars 2021

Bo Rothstein (University of Gothenburg): “Controlling Corruption. Education and the Social Contract Approach”. Friday November 19th, 12.00-13.30. 

Stefan Arora-Jonsson & Marika Blomgren (Uppsala University): “Three Loci of Organizational Identity Work: Prospective, Current and Former Members”. Friday September 24th, 10.00-11.30.