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Decoding data: Transforming numbers into narratives

Dive into the world of data with our second event series this spring! Explore how to turn complex information into compelling stories and informed decisions. Open to anyone, no prior knowledge required!

Join us for an event series designed to provide you with a solid foundation in data literacy. This series will cover essential topics such as understanding the importance of data literacy in various industries, interpreting data to make informed decisions, and communicating data effectively to various audiences.

What you can expect from this event series:

  • Set up the foundation: Hear about the different types of data and how they can influence decision-making in various industries.
  • Develop a data-driven mindset: Learn how to think critically about data, how to assess its quality and reliability, and how to make informed decisions based on evidence.
  • Storytelling with data: Discover how to visualize and convey data-driven insights effectively, catering to your audience's needs.
  • Ethical and legal considerations: Understand the responsibilities that come with handling data, including privacy and bias issues.
  • Hands-on workshop: Apply data literacy skills to real-world scenarios, enhancing your ability to work with data in a practical setting. Work on projects that simulate the challenges professionals encounter in various parts of the organization.

This series is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their data literacy, whether you are new to the subject or looking to refine your skills. There is no need to attend all events - feel free to choose the ones that interest you the most! The series is organized and facilitated by Adina Manisor, Head of Group Data & Analytics Product at Electrolux.

Upcoming events in this series

  • Thursday, April 11 - Tech seminar | The art of data storytelling
  • Tuesday, May 7 - Tech seminar | Data is a team sport
  • Monday, May 20 - Tech workshop | Immerse yourself in the real (data) world

We will notify you via email and update our website as soon as registration for each event opens.


Adina Manisor

Head of Group Data & Analytics Product, Group Electrolux

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