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Basic requirements

Basic requirements: 

• Ensuring the Foundation’s vision and abiding by the Foundation’s code of conduct and residency handbook. 

• Collaboration with a project or business, or set up an interesting question focused on a relevant issue for the local villages or area. The scholarship is initiated by artist Yinka Shonibare to explore the possibility of getting inspiration from the arts to achieve the intended goals. 

• The theoretical part of the main specialization (core courses and electives) should be completed before the departure. The project should also have a specified connection with the applicant's study focus and should be approved by the supervisor as a degree project. 

• The student should have a clear outline of what they will study at the time of submitting the application. 

• The thesis topic must be related to the broad UN Agenda 2030. 

• The field plan for the thesis submitted at application time should be well-thought through and be “feasible.” An application that does not prove feasibility will not be accepted. 

• The student must not have previously held a scholarship or a position in the field related to development problems. Other relevant experience, such as studies or staying in Nigeria, are acceptable.