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Olle Norås

Något starkt ljus väcker mig om nätterna (2017, Gouache on paper, wood, leaf gold)

Något starkt ljus väcker mig om nätterna, 2017, Gouache on paper, wood, leaf gold.

Olle Norås (b. 1982) works with painting and sculpture, employing techniques and materials such as gouache, aquarelle, wood, aluminum, and steel. Embarking on excursions in forests and woodlands, Norås turns to nature to provide him with inspiration for new works and processes. His paper pieces are both abstract and detailed. Using a small brush, Olle Norås crafts forth geographic tales, where landscapes and places appear as pieces of reality or imagination. He often allows the paper to bleed, and the wet watercolors spread and run across the paper. The artist is as interested in the Nordic mythology of forest spirits as he is in the actual threats of deforestation and natural catastrophes facing forestland today.