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Third year ART project presentations (Day 2)

During the fall, the third year Retail Management students have been working with projects for our ten Retail Club companies.

Projects for five companies was presented on December 2 covering the following topics:


In-Store App Clips
This project investigated the potential of Apple’s newly launched iOS feature App Clips for H&M in-store use. The purpose was to see if App Clips could enhance H&M’s omnichannel experience by breaking barriers to in-store app usage as well as to map out were in the store and where in the customer journey these are best implemented.

Smart products, Sustainability & Gen z
This project sought to answer the question of how H&M can incentivize Gen Z to share their wearing and washing data in an elegant way that creates customer value and advances the sustainability agenda. The research brought forward three different archetypes within Gen Z with corresponding service packages that could incentivize them to share post-purchase behavioral data through QR codes.


Opening the Clas Ohlson umbrella
With three studies, this report aims to analyze Clas Ohlson's strategic opportunity for a branded house. It also offers recommendations for an optimal approach and bases these findings in contemporary brand research.


A study on how Åhléns can further develop its in-store customer experience through use of technology
The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the shift in consumer behaviour towards online, leaving retailers with the tremendous challenge of motivating offline shopping. Two recommendations were presented in order to combat this issue. The first was the launch of a designated in-store iOS application covering features such as in-store maps, product barcode scanning, and in-store shopping guides. The second was building designated showroom areas with employee specialists that serve customers and use portable cashier devices to order items only available online.


Beverage Knowledge for Young Adults
An empirical study was performed in the autumn of 2020 aiming to examine how beverage knowledge is best made available for the young consumer. The research is made as a call for reducing the gap in customer satisfaction that exists between this group compared to other age groups and thus aims to provide concrete tools for improvement within the area to ultimately impact customer satisfaction by young adults.  


Beverage Consumption In a Post COVID-19 World 
The purpose of this study is to investigate the behaviours of customers in a post COVID-19 world with the aim of predicting the future of beverages. The report seeks to explain to CCEP which trends identified in the market during the pandemic will stick and which will not, and how the company can succeed to meet young adults' future demand taking the impact of the pandemic into consideration. The aim was to gain insights on specifically where and how beverages will be consumed in the post COVID-19 world, in order to give suggestions on how to match the future lifestyle of young adults living in Sweden in the best possible way.  

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