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Cyber security and insurance with Sentor

The E-Commerce Retail Club met with Sentor for a workshop in cyber security and cyber insurance for retail companies.

With several recent cyberattacks on governmental agencies and retailers, the cyber field has gained a lot of attention lately. The effects of DDOS- and ransomware attacks can be devastating for companies, and hence the need to learn how to protect the company from them.

Students were asked to conduct research and present findings about cyber insurance to company representatives as this is a very new topic for everyone involved. Kalle Zetterlund, Business Area Manager (Managed Security) from Sentor thereafter performed live-hacking on a local router to demonstrate the need to be cautious in all information based technical environments. A case was then presented where the students got to estimate potential damages for a particular retailer if exposed to one of the aforementioned attacks. Here, it became obvious for the need of cyber security and insurance to protect the company from potential threats.

Thank you Kalle, Daniel Rzhenetskyi, Business Area Manager (Information Security), and colleagues for having us at your office and for a great learning experience.

Christoffer Juvas, Key Account Manager E-Commerce Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club