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Innovation at Fazer

The students in Fazer Retail Club had a workshop at Fazer HQ with a focus on innovation.

The workshop began with an introduction into the topic, led by Heli Anttila, Vice President of Product Development and Emma Raaschou, Head of Consumer Insight at Fazer. After gaining understanding into the different elements that need to be addressed in new product launches, disruptive innovation, and line extensions, the main question students were sought to tackle was how to introduce innovative takes on chocolate products for consumers to not perceive them as “fake chocolate”. Surfaced topics addressed shelf positioning, category allocation, and storytelling, among others. Additionally, students got to taste Fazer's recent innovation of Oat Choco Toffee Hearts under their "Taste The Future" brand.

Linnea Jagenberg & Ida Virkkunen, Key Account Managers, Fazer Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club