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Store Safari at Coop

Coop's Retail Club embarked on a "Store Safari" where they visited three distinct Coop stores, all within 1-kilometer's range with purpose to explore and compare these stores in depth.

The students began by assessing the surrounding area and the type of street each store was located on, which provided valuable insights into the stores' situations. Each visit allowed the students to roam freely inside the stores, discussing in pairs their observations, noting peculiarities, and contemplating potential improvements.

After exploring each store, the students regrouped outside to exchange their thoughts before proceeding to the next location. It was fascinating to observe the differences in setting and location among the stores, despite their proximity. Each store showcased unique characteristics in its assortment, layout, design, and additional offerings such as cafes, innovative payment solutions like scan-and-pay, and postal/package services. This exploration provided the students with a broader understanding of how each store is tailored to meet the specific needs and tackle challenges, for example store space.

Thanks to Wiley Wakeman who guided the tour!

Jennie Gustafsson, Key Account Manager, Coop Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club