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Coding mini-bootcamp: Learn Python fundamentals in 10 hours - 20 - 24 Nov 2023

Do you want to learn how to build AI-models in 10 hours? SSE Tech Initiative is offering you the opportunity to attend an exclusive mini-bootcamp where you will learn to code with machine learning algorithms. It consists of five 2-hour workshops during one week. No prior experience required! Please follow the link below to apply for the bootcamp.

During this mini-bootcamp, you will get the basics of Python, the world's fastest growing programming language. Plus, you will learn how to use it to solve real-world business cases using machine learning. 

The workshop series is about learning to code by getting your hands dirty. You will need to bring your computer and code along concepts are explained. It is going to be intensive, hands-on, business-focused, and outcome-oriented.


Participants are limited to 15. Make sure to submit your application before November 13 at noon (11:59 AM).

How to apply: Please follow the link below to submit your personal details as well as a 250-word statement of motivation. Last chance to apply: November 13, noon (11:59 AM). Outcomes of application will be communicated by November 14.



SSE grade transcript: Every student who successfully completes the program will receive "Completed Introduction to Python" in their degree certificate under Formal Extracurricular Activities. Attendance will be compulsory.

The bootcamp structure:


Day 1: Python Fundamentals

  • Data types in Python
  • Data Structures
  • If-statements and conditional logic
  • Loops
  • List comprehensions
  • Functions

Day 2: Python for Data Analytics Beginner

  • DataFrame vs Series
  • Inspecting Data
  • Selecting Columns
  • Intuition in Pandas
  • Method Chaining in Pandas
  • Filtering Data
  • Filtering Data with advanced conditional logic

Day 3: Python for Data Analytics Intermediate

  • Most Useful Methods for Data Analysis
  • Group By, most important concept for analysis
  • Reshaping Data with Pivot tables and Crosstab
  • Data Visualization

Day 4: Machine Learning Case

  • Predicting Churn, Fraudulent transactions, or Hotel bookings with a ML workflow using a Classification algorithm like Support Vector Classifier, Random Forest Classifier, or Logistic Regression

Day 5: Building an ML-app using ChatGPT’s API

  • To wrap up, you will build an app using ChatGPT’s LLM together with your hard earned python skills. Using ChatGPT on your browser is pretty cool, but it is first when you start using its API that we can start tapping into its real potential

The mini-bootcamp is delivered by Nod Coding, a Stockholm-based programming bootcamp provider.


A fika will be provided during each session.

Additonal learning

There will be additonal exercises ("labs") for you to practice and integrate the concepts explained during the codealong sessions. There will be four labs which will take roughly two hours each to complete. The instructor will also be available one hour after each codealong session to assist with questions related to the labs. He will also ask you to send in the labs so that he can correct them and give them feedback on your code. Please note that these labs are optional but highly recommended to complete.

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