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Upcoming Events

Misum has a wide network of stakeholders across the private and public sector. Our events are aimed at bridging research and practice to enhance the transition toward a sustainable and responsible society. We invite you to take a look at what's ahead for the year.

2022 Spring

The following calendar includes events led by Misum, co-hosted events, as well as, external speaking engagements our affiliates participate in to share research related to sustainable markets.

July 4: Public procurement project presentation at Almedalen Veckan

Misum affiliate Margo Enthoven from the Sustainable Business Development platform will present on the public procurement project, "Public Procurement of Functions: A stepping stone towards a more sustainable future" with research partners from Linköping University affiliated to Mistra REES at Sweden's largest civil society event, Almedalen Veckan. Find out more here.

Autumn 2022

Be sure to visit this page at the start of the autumn semester to see what exciting events Misum has planned.