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MISUM RESEARCH: PUBLISHED PAPERS, ARTICLES AND BOOK CHAPTERS 2019 (with the name of the Misum affiliated researcher in bold)

Rasche, A., Morsing, M. and Wetter, E. (2019). Assessing the Legitimacy of “Open” and “Closed” Data Partnerships for Sustainable Development. Business & Society.


Schoeneborn, D., Morsing, M. and Crane, A. (2019). Formative perspectives on the relation between CSR communication and CSR practices: of walking, talking, and t(w)alking. Business & Society.


Morsing, M., Spence, L. (2019). "CSR Communication and SMEs: The governmentality dilemma of explicit and implict CSR communication" Human Relations.


Purolia, J., and Mäkelä, H.(2019). "Matter of opinion--exploring the socio-political nature of materiality disclosures in sustainability reporting." Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.


Lernborg, C. (2019): ”Organizing Responsibility in the Swedish Fashion and Textile Market” (Dissertation).


Sendlhofer, T. (2019). “Decoupling from Moral Responsibility for CSR: Employees’Visionary Procrastination at a SME.” Journal of Business Ethics.


Nachemson-Ekwall, S. (2019): ”Personalägande – en modernare form av företag?” Organisation & samhälle, 2019/2.


Sendlhofer, T. (2019). "Organising Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of Employee Involvement at Small and MediumSized Enterprises." (Dissertation)


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Setterberg, H. et al. (2019). ”Long-term perspectives in investment analysis.” (Report published by Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre.)


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