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Working paper series

See Misum working papers hosted on the Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics (S-WoPEc) platform.

Find the Misum Working Paper Series here.

The series is a repository of Working Papers by Misum Affiliates, highlighting the breadth of work carried out by our affiliated researchers, encouraging the exchange of ideas on sustainability issues and disseminating insights from research in progress. The series currently includes the following papers (with the name of the Misum Affiliates in bold): 


Anderson, A. & Hong, H. (2022). Welfare Implications of Electric-Bike Subsidies: Evidence from SwedenMisum Working Paper Series, No 2022-8.

Anderson, A. & Robinson, D. (2024). Climate Polarization and Green InvestmentMisum Working Paper Series, No 2024-15.

Bach, L., Baghai, R.P, Bos, M. & Silva, R.C. (2021). How Do Acquisitions Affect the Mental Health of Employees?Misum Working Paper Series, No 2021-2.

Berlin, M.P., Desai, R.M. & Olofsgård, A. (2022). Trading Favors? UN Security Council Membership and Subnational Favoritism in Aid Recipients. Misum Working Paper Series, No 2022-7. 

Björkman Nyqvist, M., Jayachandran, S. & Zipfel, C. (2023). A mother's voice: Impacts of spousal communication training on child health investments, Misum Working Paper Series, No 2023-13.

Clerici, C. & Tripodi, S. (2021). Unemployment and Intra-Household Dynamics: the Effect of Male Job Loss on Intimate Partner Violence in Uganda, Misum Working Paper Series, No 2021-4.

Dzielinski, M., Eugster, F., Sjöström, E. & Wagner, A.F. (2022). Climate Talk in Corporate Earnings Calls. Misum Working Paper Series, No 2022-6.

Ghazarian, A. & Khan, A. (2023). Economic Opportunities and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Artisanal Gold Mining in Africa. Misum Working Paper Series, No 2023-14.

Guariso, A. & Björkman Nyqvist, M. (2023). The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children's learning and wellbeing: Evidence from India. Misum Working Paper Series, No 2023-12. 

Leroutier, M. (2021). Carbon Pricing and Power Sector Decarbonisation: Evidence from the UKMisum Working Paper Series, No 2021-3.

Martinsson, G., Sajtos, L., Strömberg, P. & Thomann, C. (2022). Carbon Pricing and Firm-Level CO2 Abatement: Evidence from a Quarter of a Century-Long Panel, Misum Working Paper Series, No 2022-10.

Setterberg, H. & Sjöström, E. (2021). Action Lab: Integrated Communications on Financial and ESG Performance in the Earnings CallMisum Working Paper Series, No 2021-1.

Vazquez, A.B. & Martinez, S. (2023). Mandatory ESG Reporting and Corporate PerformanceMisum Working Paper Series, No 2023-11.

Zhuang, M. & Garz, M. (2022). Media coverage and pandemic behaviour: Evidence from Sweden, Misum Working Paper Series, No 2022-9.


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