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MISUM RESEARCH: PUBLISHED PAPERS, ARTICLES AND BOOK CHAPTERS 2018 (with the name of the Misum affiliated researcher in bold)

Staffan Furusten, Svenne Junker, “Variations and dynamics of hybridity in different types of hybrid organizations”, in Susanna Alexius and Staffan Furusten (eds): Managing Hybrid Organizations– Governance, Professionalism and Regulation(Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, forthcoming 2018).

Örjan Sjöberg, “Banca Rotta as memento mori – or is there simply no need to bother?”, in Pierre Guillet de Monthoux and Erik Wikberg (eds): Economic Ekphrasis(Art and Theory, Stockholm, forthcoming 2018).

Per Andersson, Lars-Gunnar Mattsson, “Digital transformation supporting public service innovation: business model challenges and sustainable development opportunities”, in Per Andersson, Staffan Movin, Magnus Mähring, Robin Teigland and Karl Wennberg (eds): Managing Digital Transformation (SIR, Stockholm, 2018), pp.217–240.


Daniela Corsaro, Lars-Gunnar Mattsson, “Untangling the a priori differentiation of service exchanging actors”, in Stephen L. Vargo and Robert F. Lusch (eds): The SAGE Handbook of Service-Dominant Logic (SAGE, London, forthcoming 2018).

Max Jerneck, “Reply to Gustav Martinsson”, Science Advances, eLetters, 19 January 2018.