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Shades of green: sustainable investments, financial literacy, and innovation

Mistra Financial Systems (MFS) was set up as an interdisciplinary research program with the goal to assess how the financial sector can contribute to sustainable development. As part of this work, insights from researchers across the program were recorded in a series of discussions on the future of finance.

Shades of green: which sustainability values matter for firms, investors, and market development?

After looking at sustainable finance from the perspectives of countries, regulators and a system point of view, the third episode of the MFS webinar series considers the micro-level of sustainable finance: households, individual investors, and firms. Researchers from the MFS work streams 'Market Drivers' and 'Governance' present empirical evidence on sustainability preferences of savers and puzzle between green values, financial literacy and investing in 'sustainable assets'. The discussusants also shed light on how so-called 'Environmental, Social and Government' (ESG) factors are related to performance, down-side risk, and innovation capacity in markets


Watch the third MFS webinar below: