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Researchers at the Department of Economics receive grants totaling 9.3 million SEK from the Handelsbanken research foundations

17 May 2024
Four researchers at the Department of Economics were awarded grants from the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation and Tore Browaldh Foundation.

How does carbon pricing affect CO2 emissions from manufacturing firms in Sweden?

17 May 2024
In this latest Misum Academic Insight, Misum researchers Gustav Martinsson, László Sajtos, Per Strömberg, and Christian Thomann explore the effectiveness of local carbon pricing in reducing CO2 emissions from companies, within the context of Sweden.

Would electing more women make the U.S. Congress less polarized?

16 May 2024
This policy brief examines the belief that electing more women to the U.S. Congress would reduce partisan gridlocks. It shows that while Republican women historically cooperated more with Democrats, this was due to ideological proximity rather than gender. Among Democrats, women cooperate less with the opposite party than men. Furthermore, recent years have seen a narrowing of ideological differences along gender-lines among Republicans, reducing gender-based cooperation disparities.

Miguel Morillas visiting CRL on May 30 and 31

15 May 2024
Miguel Morillas, PhD graduate at the Department of Management and Organization, will visit the Center for Responsible Leadership on May 30 and 31.

Stockholm School of Economics puts happiness on the curriculum for all new bachelor students

15 May 2024
The Stockholm School of Economics is making a big commitment to promoting wellbeing among its students. Starting in August, the School will be the first in the world to offer all new bachelor students a crash course in happiness and wellbeing.

Navigating environmental policy consistency amidst political change

15 May 2024
Europe, like other parts of the world, currently grapples with the dual challenges of environmental change and democratic backsliding. In a context marked by rising populism, misinformation, and political manipulation, designing credible sustainable climate policies is more important than ever. The 2024 annual Energy Talk, organized by the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), gathered experts to bring insight into these challenges and explore potential solutions for enhancing green politics.

How the H&M Foundation Transforms the Fashion Industry for a Thriving People and Planet

14 May 2024
Fernanda Drumond, Strategy Lead at H&M Foundation, treated the Retail Management students with a glimpse into what the H&M Foundation does to enable a future where people and planet not only survives but thrives.

Career Module at Systembolaget

08 May 2024
The second-year students from the Systembolaget Retail Club went on a visit to the Systembolaget headquarters for career talks.

Attract agencies to build on Shopify

08 May 2024
The students in E-Commerce Retail Club met with Shopify, a powerhouse in the world of e-commerce.

ICA’s central e-commerce warehouse in Brunna

08 May 2024
The students in ICA Retail Club visited the central automated e-commerce warehouse in Brunna.
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