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Open Seminar at Score: Corinna Kruse

09 November 2022
Welcome to a seminar on 17 November with Corinna Kruse, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Thematic Studies – Technology and Social Change, Linköping University, and Score Fellow.

Celebrating with CIVICA: An opportunity to gain new perspectives

08 November 2022
This year, CIVICA partner university Sciences Po celebrated their 150th birthday. SSE students Lovisa Bergdahl and Benita Helena Kaulina joined the anniversary festivities in Paris.

Meet Our Alumni | Isak Axelson

07 November 2022
What is it like to be a student at the Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication? How does the education help students realize their career ambitions? We spoke to Isak Axelson, who has just returned to Sweden from an internship at the United Nations in New York City.

SSE MBA class of 2021 Teacher of the Year Award

07 November 2022
Congratulations Tomas Hjelström to the Teacher of the Year award, voted by the SSE MBA class of 2021!

A strategy to help Ukraine win the war

04 November 2022
Russia’s fierce military campaign in Ukraine continues, but Ukraine stands their ground as the military tide is turning in their favour. But what besides the military support is needed for Ukraine to win the war?

Highlights from the Misum Forum 2022 on the role of business and industry in alleviating poverty

02 November 2022
On October 5, Misum convened business leaders from Swedish industry and high-level academics to discuss the role and responsibility of businesses in reducing poverty globally. If you missed the chance to join us in person at the event, or if you would like to revisit some of the sessions, all event recordings are now available, together with highlights from the day.

SSE launches new center for family enterprises with pan-Nordic support

02 November 2022
Family enterprises are the most common business form in the world – not least in the Nordics. They are also important drivers in entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. The newly launched Center for Family Enterprise (CFE) at the Stockholm School of Economics will study the impact and organization of family enterprises in the Nordics.

Monitoring risks to the European financial market

01 November 2022
How does the financial system work, what risks and stressors are affecting the economy and what can we do to avoid a financial crisis? In this episode of Sound Economy, Professor Bo Becker talks about his role his role on the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) and how academic research can help guide policy in the EU.

The bleak economic future of Russia

01 November 2022
Is the Russian economy “surprisingly resilient” to sanctions and actions of the West? The short answer is no. In this policy brief, Maria Perrotta Berlin and Jesper Roine, researchers from Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), discusses the bleak economic future of Russia.

New working paper on supply chain risk

01 November 2022
Global supply chains are incredibly complex and are poorly understood. Wars, natural disasters, port closures, and cyberattacks make supply chains highly vulnerable. Yet, even though recent events highlight that supply chain shocks are an important source of disruption, research knows little about whether firms systematically update their investors about the ex-ante probability that such shocks may occur and any perceived changes in this source of risk. We are also unable to quantify the effects of supply chain risk on corporate policies.