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Mattias Axelson (Affiliated Researcher)
Mattia Bianchi (Associate Professor)
Maria Booth (PhD Student)
Niklas Källberg (Visiting Researcher)
Lotta Hultin (PhD Student)
Katrin Laestander (PhD Student)
Magnus Lord (PhD Student)
Rui Lu (PhD Student)
Lasse Lychnell (Affiliated Researcher)
Malin Malmbrandt (PhD Student)
Niklas Modig (PhD Student)
Magnus Mähring (Professor)
Pär Mårtensson (Associate Professor)
Anders Richtnér (Associate Professor)
Jon Rognes (Affiliated Researcher)
Malin Schmidt (PhD Student)
Martin Sköld (Affiliated Researcher)
Pär Åhlström (Professor)

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