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German Bender, PhD Candidate
E-mail: german.bender@phdstudent.hhs.se

Markus Kallifatides, Associate Professor, Center Director
E-mail: markus.kallifatides@hhs.se

Sven-Erik Sjöstrand, Professor Emeritus
E-mail: sven-erik.sjostrand@hhs.se

Viktor Skyrman, PhD Candidate
E-mail: viktor.skyrman@phdstudent.hhs.se

Affiliated researchers
Claes Belfrage, University of Liverpool
E-mail: c.belfrage@liverpool.ac.uk

Truls Neubeck (Ideell Arena)
E-mail: truls.neubeck@ideellarena.se

Anna Meijerberg, Administrative Assistant
E-mail: anna.meijerberg@hhs.se

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