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Economics, Bubbles and Transformations (flowchart)

Peter Hagdahl, 2023.


The site-specific artwork Economics, Bubbles, and Transformations (flowchart) by Peter Hagdahl in the premises of SSE´s House of Innovation, Norrtullsgatan 2, is a dynamic reflection on the social development of our time. The artist explores economic flows, social changes and historical events, which are portrayed through a fusion of painting, drawing and video animation. The various forms of expression create a versatile spatial design that explores the connections, contradictions and conflicts that characterize our times.

The work resembles a comprehensive process map or a complex flowchart. It extends over two floors and is made up of different techniques and materials such as photography on glass, painting on acrylic plastic and video projections. By using various artistic methods – painting, drawing, animation, programming and photography – a diverse expression is achieved. By combining elements from different sources – e.g. historical and socio-economic facts – with the artist's own comments and associations – unexpected coincidences and tensions arise. The images used in the work are simple symbols or pictograms in primary colors carrying references to art history such as Herbin, S. Delaunay or Riley. The static expressions of the paintings and drawings meet the movements of the projections. By including information flows from the internet, a constantly changing image is created.

Economics, Bubbles, and Transformations is a reflection on the constant change and complexity of our world. The work visualizes the tension field of various forces that affect existence. At the same time the work challenges and transforms our way of understanding the world around us.


Peter Hagdahl, born in 1956, is a Swedish painter, installation artist and former professor of liberal arts. He lives and works in Stockholm and Paris, and he studied at Valand Academy of Art in Gothenburg 1983 to 1988 and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York in the nineties. In 1996 he founded Creative Room For Art and Computing. He has worked as a professor of liberal arts at Konstfack 1997 to 1999 and at the Royal Academy of Arts 1999 to 2009, as well as a curator at the Public Art Agency in Sweden.

The artwork is a donation by Josefsson Foundation and Lars Bane.

All photos: Mikael Olsson