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Workshop with Axel Johnson on business development in the grocery e-commercy

The full business development team at Axel Johnson, headed by Jacob Wall, introduced their work and insights with the students before introducing the case.

Aptly named, "Handels goes e-Handels", the case focused on generating profitable solutions for grocery e-commerce. The four groups focused on Willys, Hemköp, Snabbgross, and City Gross respectively. 

As always, a very generous "fika" was served while the groups worked out their solutions. After the presentations, a much appreciated Q&A took place where the business development team provided feedback on the solutions based on e.g., work that has been done and international grocers' solutions.

Thank you so much Jacob Wall, Lovisa Jacobsson, Carl Mailer, and Oscar Rollén Norling for hosting this fantastic workshop. Special thanks to Emma Ekenstedt for initiating and organizing. 

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