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In-store visit at Stora Coop in Bromma

The students in Coop Retail Club had an in-store visit at one of Sweden's largest Coop stores.

Fredrick Löf, Store Manager, took the students on a tour where they were exposed to the vast planning and complexity behind each section on the retail-floor (like meat, dairy, dry foods, etc), as well as its revenues and unique characteristics. The store is 9000 sqm., has 35,000 SKUs, 172 employees and serves about approx. 21,000 customers per week. The students also got to see the warehouse, and were acquainted with some of its storage and handling properties. Later, the students collected in their office, where they carried out a detailed discussion with Fredrik on the various questions they had, ranging from product placement strategies to employee management.

Pransee Patel, Key Account Manager, Coop Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club