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In-store display with Handsome Stockholm

Entrepreneurship & E-commerce Retail Club was accompanied by Ingrid von Konow from Handsome Stockholm - a company providing premium gloves.

Handsome Stockholm have come far in their journey towards becoming a global luxurious gloves provider, being featured in magazines such as Vogue and worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardasian and Madonna. The co-founder presented one of the company's current main challenges which is that when people think of gloves, many see it more as a function (to keep warmth) rather than a component needed to complete an outfit, and that it is easy to lose. Thus many people tend to not invest in expensive gloves. However, Ingrid states that when people test a pair, many acknowledge the good quality and remain loyal for a long time. Thus the firm wants to find innovative ways for people to try their products.

As part of the workshop, the class was asked to, in groups, come with examples of how Handsome can create a display in department stores and shop-in-shop that: inspires to test and shop, is easy to test, scalable, cost efficient etc. Some propositions were to: put gloves on mannequins, have a look-book available in the store showing outfits where celebrities have worn the gloves, let customers fill in a questionnaire that will match the person with a “perfect” pair of gloves and so on. Lastly the class was asked what the ultimate platform is to sell designer gloves. For first-time buyers, the physical stores are crucial, so that the quality can be felt. However, it should be combined with digital platforms to make it convenient for loyal customers to make repeat-purchases.

Monika Profus, Key Account Manager, Entrepreneurship & E-commerce

CFR Retail Retail Club