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Leading Academics from Stockholm School of Economics Recognized in Prestigious Rankings

The 2024 edition of Research.com’s ranking of the best academics in Business and Management features five prominent researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics.

In the latest scholarly rankings of the world's leading scientists in Business and Management by Research.com, five esteemed academics associated with the House of Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics have been recognized both nationally and globally.


The rankings are compiled using the D-index (Discipline H-index), a specialized metric that assesses an academic's impact based on their publications and citations within the specific discipline of Business and Management. This system ensures a focused and relevant evaluation, considering only those scholarly works and citations directly related to the field. To qualify for the ranking, scientists must have a D-index of at least 30, highlighting their significant contributions and influence in the academic community. The process honors high achievers and provides an objective benchmark for academic excellence and scholarly influence globally.

Sweden Rankings

Below are the national rankings of those five researchers affiliated with the House of Innovation. It should be noted that these rankings include a slight recalibration to account for Professor Roberto Verganti's placement in the Swedish ranking. All subsequent placements on the list below have been adjusted one spot lower accordingly.

Global Rankings

In addition to their national achievements, the researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics have also marked their presence on the global stage. This global list evaluates thousands of scientists from around the world, highlighting those whose impact and contributions have transcended national boundaries to influence global academic and business practices.

  • #921 - Roberto Verganti
  • #1032 - Mattias Nordqvist
  • #1290 - Karl Wennberg
  • #1343 - Sarah Jack
  • #1497 - Johan Frishammar

These rankings underscore the vital role that these researchers play in advancing business and management studies, contributing both nationally and internationally.

For additional insights into the ranking methodologies and broader academic trends in 2024, the comprehensive report by Research.com is available here.

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