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House of Innovation 2021: "Year in Review"

25 April 2022
Read the 2021 "Year in Review" Annual Report to learn about the House of Innovation’s research, education, and outreach activities and achievements.

Highlights from the hybrid seminar 'Sustaining global value chains' with Erik Berglöf

23 December 2021
COVID-19 has brought economic shocks of unprecedented scale and impact. The global value chain is not an exception. What policies and investments are needed to improve global value chains post pandemic? On December 20, 2021, Erik Berglöf, Chief Economist at Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, presented key findings from the Asian Infrastructure Finance 2021 report: Sustaining Global Value Chains.

House of Innovation publishes new report covering progress since inception (2018-2020)

17 May 2021
The House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics, a Research House covering the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology, published a report detailing advancements undertaken since its inception in the fall of 2020.

What motivates whistleblowers to come forward with information?

26 March 2021
Wall Street Journal mentions SITE researcher Giancarlo Spagnolo's research study on "Motivating Whistleblowers". A study that shines light into what motivates people to come forward with information about wrongdoing.

Erik Wetter Speaks Out on Data Sharing

21 January 2021
House of Innovation Assistant Professor, Erik Wetter, joined a panel of data experts convened in late 2020 to address concerns about data, analytics, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Optimally controlling an epidemic

14 November 2020
A new working paper by network member Dirk Niepelt, University of Bern and Director of the Study Center Gerzensee, joint with Martin Gonzalez-Eiras University of Copenhagen characterises optimal lockdown policies.

Social distancing in anticipation of pharmaceutical innovations

21 October 2020
In a new working paper, network member Flavio Toxvaerd together with Miltiadis Makris consider the equilibrium and socially optimal amount of social distancing when pharmaceutical innovations such as vaccines and treatments are on the horizon.

The risk for a new COVID-19 wave

21 October 2020
Network member prof. Tom Britton, together with colleagues Pieter Trapman and Frank Ball, investigate in a new study the risk for a new epidemic wave and its doubling time, and how they depend on R0, current immunity level and the overall effect of the current preventive measures.

India's troubles

07 September 2020
India's recorded coronavirus case total has surpassed that of Brazil, making India the second worst-affected country in the world after the United States. Prominent Indian economists worry about the management of the country's lockdown, explain the puzzle of its case fatality rate, and identify ways forward for the recovery of its economy.

On the Management of Population Immunity

06 September 2020
A new working paper by network member Flavio Toxvaerd, together with Robert Rowthorn considers a SIR model of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 or swine flu, in which costly treatment or vaccination confers immunity on recovered individuals. Once immune, individuals indirectly protect the remaining susceptibles, who benefit from a measure of herd immunity. Treatment and vaccination are shown to have radically different effects and desirability at different stages of the epidemic.
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